Programmatic access to our data and services.

Plug in seamlessly via our industry-standard RESTful API, designed with client input to allow you to offer apps and services with greater financial transparency.

A complete suite of API endpoints.

We bring together everything you need to build next-generation financial services.

Client onboarding

Business and individual client onboarding, entity and service setup.

KYC & assured identity

Remain compliant with on-demand access to AML/CTF data and documents.

Account information

Access client and account lists and detailed, real-time account information.

Instruction initiation

Enable your First Digital Trust clients to initiate instructions from your digital environment.


Access balances and reporting in real-time, or retrieve years’ worth of detailed transaction histories.


Sync notifications and automated responses across applications and accounts.

Authentication service

Let users easily log into apps and services using our SSO experience in your enterprise app.