Our story

It starts with an idea: the solution to asset safety and management for digital assets already exists. It’s trusts and custody. But no-one knows how to apply it to a new, fast-moving and entirely digital asset class. First Digital Trust was built out of this realization in 2017, under the umbrella of First Digital Trust Limited. We brought together skills from the traditional financial world and knowledge of the digital assets economy to offer open finance solutions. After spinning off and becoming our own company in 2019, First Digital Trust became a fully independent public trust company headquartered in Hong Kong.

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Our mission

First Digital Trust brings traditional fiduciary services into the digital-first world through technology, developing financial services infrastructure that lets us and our clients create world-class financial products and services.

Our vision

Our vision for finance is a decentralized one, decoupled from the risks of fractional reserve banking, open and driven by a culture of innovation, efficiency and automation.

Senior leadership

With a unique mix of technology and finance leadership (and some personal experience of our own), we bring a new perspective to a centuries-old industry.

Core values

First Digital is a company of independent thinkers connected by our core values and our drive to challenge the status quo. The following values shape what we do and how we do it.

Get Things Done

We are deeply committed to clients and enjoy investing in long-term relationships.

Get Things Right

It's all about trust. We make no compromise in standards of integrity in all of our actions.

Change Things

We think critically about the impact we want to make, which is why we challenge conventional wisdom, take action and deliver results.

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