Corporate treasury services for global businesses.

Revolutionize your finances through our cutting-edge near-banking platform, safeguarding your assets while offering a seamless fusion of traditional and web3 financial services.

Store, move, and manage your assets in one place.

Multi-Asset Custody

Safekeep your diversified assets and holdings with our user-friendly, dependable, streamlined, and adaptable custody account.

Gateway to Global Markets

Enhance your financial reach using our connected platform, bridging you to intermediaries for global market access.

Complementary Services

Elevate your experience with our seamless integration of payments, FX, and OTC Swaps - all ancillary to your custody or trust account.

How do we differ from the rest.

We serve as an advisor to clients, and clients rely on our trustee services for customized solutions that address current and complex issues in the marketplace.


Our team of experts are committed to ensuring the best for our clients, providing innovative solutions to ensure the best outcomes.

Vertically integrated

Our connectivity to traditional and next-generation financial services make us a one-stop-shop for any project.

Bridge to digital assets

We believe digital assets are a strategic part of a well-rounded portfolio. As a regulated, experienced fiduciary with scalable and secure multi-asset and tokenization capabilities, we can help you to thrive in current and future markets.

Loved by techies

We prioritize better ways of working together by adopting technology solutions that improve workflow, enhance compliance oversight and help our clients deliver a better experience for their end-customers.

Friends with everyone you know.

Our ecosystem of best-in-class players includes technology providers, asset managers, law firms, consultants and advisors, all supporting our clients to get things done.

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology.

Technology is the DNA of our services and has been a key enabler in helping us to improve transparency, eradicate inefficiencies, deliver better client outcomes, as well as contribute to the improvement of financial services ecosystem.

Client Portal

Manage your accounts and services securely and easily with our client portal, so wherever you are, you know exactly where you stand.

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Open Trust™ APIs

Your ideas, our tech—embed our services directly into your app, fintech platform or back-office operations and deliver exceptional results for your users.

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